“I explore nature’s vastness, simplicity, and its fragility. These elements emit aesthetic sensations of harmony, expressions of timelessness, and feelings of inspiration that transcend space and time. The imagery of my work does not accurately represent nature; rather, I try to unveil an abstraction of its character to raise awareness for the preservation of our world.” 

MetalScape paintings represent a dialogue between nature’s expansiveness and its awe-inspiring simplicity. Color and composition are reduced to a minimalist stillness so that form becomes the focus. The imagery of these paintings does not accurately represent nature; rather, they unveil an abstraction of its character, capturing infinite variations of ethereal beauty.  To learn more, see MetalScape,108 video.

My recent work entitled, Lyre  draws attention to the acidification of coral reefs within our warmed oceans. Lyre, a harp shaped coral is the inspiration for these paintings. I have been working on this series for more than eight years, studying coral collapse and reef bleaching in such places as the Great Barrier Reef , Cayman Islands, Singapore and the Antarctica.

Ocean acidification, a deadly threat to marine life, compromises the long-term viability of these ecosystems and impacts an estimated one million species that depend on its coral reef habitat.  Half a billion people worldwide depend on coral reef ecosystems for protection, food, and income. 

Fortunately, assisted organism evolution techniques being performed in marine laboratories here and abroad are well underway, striving to save corals from extinction.  Additionally, geoengineering technologies are helping to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and the acidity of our oceans without the need to drastically cut carbon emissions.”